Any persons entering Endeavour Marine Pty Ltd premises agrees to comply with the following “Conditions of Entry”, which have been implemented in these premises for the purpose of keeping all visitors and staff safe. ‍All visitors attending these premises shall:
•Provide their contact details on entry, this will be done via a QR scan code, all details to this link must be filled in correctly and submitted and shown to staff
•Provide contact details to a staff member to record if unable to use QR scan code
•Not enter the premises if they fell sick or unwell or have been in contact with someone who is sick or unwell.
•Be requested to leave should they display signs of illness after entry.
•Not enter the premises if they reside in, or have recently visited, a Government declared Hot Spot
•Follow social distancing measures of 1.5 metres within the premises, including entry and exit points.
•Sanitise hands prior to entry, at sanitisor stations provided
•Follow Covid safe guidelines of washing and sanitising of hands as often as possible. Sanitising dispensers are located throughout the premises
•Comply with any reasonable direction given by staff
•Move directly from your vehicle to the premises and return to vehicle as soon as you have completed your visit

Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in you being asked to leave the premises. All visitors attending these premises should consider downloading the Covid-Safe App

Endeavour Marine Management