Reduces boat speed when idling by 50% from 5–6 knots to 2–3 knots. Integrated into the control. Perfect when you’re driving in marinas and canals.

Easier maneuvering
The Low‐speed Mode puts full focus on operating and gives the driver more time for maneuvers and corrections. Full drivability and increased control at reduced boat speed make docking and operating in tight spaces less stressful. It also facilitates maneuvering when fishing and driving in inland waterways.


With the Low‐speed Mode, the throttle/gear lever is used to control the boat’s speed. In the first 12 degrees of the lever movement, the engine will remain at idle and the boat’s speed is reduced by a slip in the transmission. The slip is from 50% to full engagement and when the lever is pushed further, the gearbox is fully engaged. The throttle is increased and the speed can be controlled with the engine rpm.


A Volvo Penta dealer can help adjust both angles where the clutch and the slip reduction are controlled, from minimum 25% to maximum 75%. This function gives improved maneuverability, through low speed, controlled with one lever.

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