When you purchase a Volvo Penta diesel sterndrive package, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your engines and drives are developed, manufactured and serviced by one company. That company is Volvo Penta. D3 110hp – 220hp Volvo Penta’s five cylinder D3 is developed from the latest design in modern diesel technology. This high performance diesel engine is extremely lightweight and compact in size. Combined with features like common rail fuel injection systems, double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, variable geometry turbochargers, an after cooler and Volvo Penta’s EVC system, the D3 offers first-rate diesel performance. All Volvo Penta drives are perfectly matched to all Volvo Penta engines and provide a choice between single (SX) or duo-prop (DPS) drives for both 140hp and 170hp ratings, with the duo being the standard for 200 and 220 models. D4 & D6 150hp -440hp Volvo Penta’s new generation D4 (four cylinder) and D6 (six cylinder) inboard diesel engines have been re-engineered to deliver more power, improved fuel efficiency, increased reliability and lower the cost of ownership. Volvo Penta’s all new DPI drive now offers a hydraulic clutch that provides silent & smooth shifting as well as greater onboard comfort and maneuverability at low speeds. The DPI drive has been designed using Volvo Penta’s experience with their well proven duo prop sterndrive technology.