With Volvo Penta engine monitoring displays, you get all the information you need in one place with direct access to all essential engine and boat data. For example, with the state-of-the-art Glass Cockpit you get a full overview of navigation and engine data, together with Easy Boating functions such as Autopilot and Joystick driving.

Glass Cockpit System
The Glass Cockpit System collects and displays all driver information in one place via a single interface. The multi‐function, touchscreen displays. Integrated with the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC), the Glass Cockpit System provides a full overview and control of navigation and engine data, together with add‐on options. The displays come in seven sizes, from 7″ to 24″, with fully customizable display layouts.

Fully Integrated with the Electronic Vessel Control System The user‐friendly Volvo Penta interface displays navigation data, engine monitoring, warnings, alarms and options. To accommodate different driving styles, and help increase safety, awareness and enjoyment, the driver can pre‐program the layouts and create a tailor‐made display that shows important data and information in a desired manner.
Fully Customizable Layouts and Views The driver can customize the layouts and views, to decide what, where, and when information should be displayed. Customized layouts can also be linked to specific buttons on the control and joystick. Press an assigned button and screen layouts change automatically for a specific scenario. Certain situations require more focus on specific functions, such as reversing cameras and radar.


With Volvo Penta instruments you get highly accurate readings and reliability. Furthermore, they are easy to read day and night, thanks to double glazing and sophisticated lighting.
 Engine Monitoring Displays provide direct access to essential engine and transmission data. The presentation of the data can easily be adapted to suit each user. By providing diagnostics and constant monitoring of all vital functions such as engine data, fuel consumption, trim, and rudder angles, the Volvo Penta range of monitoring displays gives the driver full control. The displays are available in 2.5″ black and white or 4″ color.