Volvo Penta is taking yet another vital step towards easier boat ownership. The system is designed to constantly protect your drive from corrosion in the water. The Active Corrosion Protection helps prevent galvanic corrosion from affecting the metal parts of your drive.

It replaces the sacrificial anodes mounted on the drive. By monitoring and controlling the electrical potential in the water surrounding the drive, the ACP system ensures optimal protection in any type of brackish or salt water.
The system also replaces the sacrificial anodes mounted on the drive. The boat owner does not have to worry about insufficient galvanic corrosion protection or the frequent maintenance associated with sacrificial anod

Protection status in the display
The ACP system is fully integrated in the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system and protection status and settings are
presented in the standard displays. It requires no additional instrumentation.

Back-up protection
When shore power is not available, the ACP system will use the auxiliary battery. If battery level is below 75%, protection will be provided by the back-up sacrificial zinc anode.

• Reliable and efficient protection from galvanic corrossion in any type of brackish or salt water
• Replaces the sacrificial anodes mounted on the drive
• Easy to use with protection status and settings integrated in the standard displays
• Easy to install with no special tools required
• Ignition proof according to ISO8846 and SAE J1171

How does it work?
The ACP system is using impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) principle to protect the drive. It constantly monitor the electrical potential at the seawater/hull interface and carefully adjust the output to the transom unit in relation to this. Therefore, the system is much more effective and reliable than sacrificial anode systems where the level of protection is unknown and uncontrollable.

• Drives: DPI, DPH, DPS, SX, OX, FWD or DPR
• Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) generation C2 and later
• EVC displays: 2,5”, 4”, 7” or Glass Cockpit
• Fiberglass hull

A complete package
The compact ACP system consists of:

  1. Control unit
  2. Transom unit (active anode)
  3. Back-up sacrificial zinc anode (one per drive)
    It´s delivered with all components needed including
    installation instructions and operator´s manual.