Trip computer

Helps you plan your driving. One instrument can display all of your trip data, including trip time, trip distance, fuel consumption, average and instant fuel rates, distance to empty and fuel economy.

Power trim assistant

The power trim assistant automatically trims the drive during acceleration. Then the drive is gradually trimmed out to give a perfect running attitude. Settings are adjustable for personal preference and there is a manual over ride.

Low speed mode

When engaged, low speed mode allows you to drive a slow as you want by reducing low speed propulsion by a further 50~70 percent. This can aid in easy manoeuvring in tight marinas and canals, and assists in safe and easy docking.

Tow mode

Makes tubing, wake boarding and water skiing easier and safer. When engaged, EVC tow mode will automatically accelerate to and maintain your predetermined engine RPM, even when turning or experiencing bumpy conditions.

Cruise control

Allows the driver to establish a specific speed for the boat to proceed, without the need to manually adjust the throttle in order to maintain the desired speed. Fine tuning adjustments can be done at the touch of a button.