Take control with Volvo Penta Assisted Docking – the next generation of marine automation. It allows you to defy the elements by removing the dynamics of wind and current, as well as maneuver in tight spaces, enabling safe and easy boat docking in challenging conditions.

Difficult becomes easy

Our Assisted Docking system enhances your control as captain. From moving in straight lines without manual compensation, to rotating around a fixed point – docking your boat is now easier than ever before.

Chancy becomes safer

You’ll enjoy how Assisted Docking ensures that your boat is more responsive to your intentions, making docking a boat by yourself safer and easier. 

Stressful becomes fun

The Volvo Penta Assisted Docking system leaves more room for the enjoyable parts of boating. A hybrid between automated docking and manual docking, it lets all boaters feel more like seasoned captains.


Wind and current. Two temperamental, deceptive forces – changing from gentle to strong in an instant, creating an obstacle to easy boat docking. So we changed the game to make docking a boat as easy as fingertip control with a joystick.


It’s a space issue. Crowded marinas and tight slips present a challenge for any boater. Docking a boat by yourself where there are physical obstacles can be stressful for anyone on the water. So we remove that stress by giving you total control, at your fingertips.

Our Assisted Docking system combines automation with control. It’s docking made easy for seasoned boaters and beginners alike. Our system helps keep the course intended by the captain, who must always be at the helm and in control of the boat.

How it Works

Smart movement

With the joystick, you control the boat’s path and speed, while the system compensates for elements such as wind and current. Push the joystick forward and the system lays out a straight path that the boat follows. At any time, you can release the joystick and your boat will hold on a fixed position.

Easy rotation

When standing still, you can turn the joystick to rotate around a fixed position. By twisting the joystick, you can turn in small increments in any direction to improve your alignment without drifting off path.

Simple boat docking

Move your boat close to the dock by tapping the joystick in small increments. Then fix your position against the dock by pushing the joystick to the side and activate the “Side Push” feature on your display. This will assist you by keeping your boat’s position against the dock while it is being tied up, or you let a passenger on or off.

Assisted Docking is a boat docking system based on our own Volvo Penta technology – fully integrated from helm to prop. If your boat is equipped with the following, you can make the next generation of marine automation yours.