Joystick Docking makes docking easy and safe. The driver just pushes or rotates the joystick in the desired direction and the boat follows: forward, reverse, sideways, or spins on its own axis. It’s simple and logical, and all manoeuvres are totally intuitive

Close-quarter Manoeuvring made Easy Complicated shift, throttle and steering wheel combinations are no longer needed when docking a boat. Joystick Docking makes close-quarter manoeuvring easy, even fun.
How it Works The Volvo Penta IPS uses individually steerable pod units. Sophisticated software in the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system transforms the driver’s joystick movements into steering angles, gearshifts and throttle positions for intuitive manoeuvrability at both low and high speeds.

Flexible and Easy to Install Up to six Joystick Docking stations can be installed on the boat for maximum flexibility. The system is designed to reduce the amount of wires and connectors for easy installation.