The Boat Trim System (BTS), with its patented interceptor technology, gives the boat driver perfect control over pitch and heel with rapid response, quicker onto the plane, lower fuel consumption and a more comfortable ride.


Thanks to the interceptor technology the Boat Trim System provides a smoother ride. Recommended for speeds up to 45 knots, it has all the same performance qualities as conventional trim tabs plus the additional benefits of quicker response, less drag and compact design.

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The Boat Trim System is easy to manually operate from the control panel. The trim indicators show the position of the port and starboard interceptor units. Four push buttons are used to adjust bow down and bow up, list starboard and list port. Additional control panels can be installed for multiple stations.


Comfort and safety are further enhanced with the Automatic Boat Trim option, which automatically keeps the preset preferred boat attitude. It compensates for changes in speed, wind or people moving about on board. Thanks to the integrated GPS receiver, it senses changes in course and does not compensate for heeling in turns. It also gets the boat quicker onto the plane.


The Boat Trim System is made of composite material and all electrical parts are “sealed for life”. It is virtually corrosion free and will not cause any galvanic corrosion. This means very little maintenance compared with conventional hydraulic trim tab systems. To reduce the risk of damage and minimize marine growth, the blades are automatically retracted at engine shut off.