MARINE CUTLASS BEARINGS Aqualine and Silverline are the brand names of high quality water lubricated and rubber lined marine cutlass bearings. Designed and made in the UK, both brands are recognised worldwide as being a quality, precision made marine bearing that offers proven service in marine pleasure, commercial and industrial applications. Silverline marine bearings A tough, durable marine bearing that has a corrosion resistant, naval brass outer shell and is lined with a specially compounded rubber designed to achieve high degrees of toughness, resilience and shock resistance. Aqualine marine bearings A lightweight, easy to work with cutlass bearing that has a composite outer shell combined with a water lubricated rubber lining that is not only tough, but also resilient and shock resistant.

Features & benefits
•Resistant to chemicals, oil and grease.
•Bonded precision ground resilient nitrile rubber inner lining.
•Hydrodynamic water edge flute design for water lubricating
•Easy installation and maintenance free.
•Excellent vibration and noise attenuation properties.
•Environmentally friendly.
Large range of sizes With over 130 size options available in both metric and imperial sizes, Aqualine and Silverline offers one of the largest ranges of cutlass bearings to suit propeller shafts, struts and rudders for small pleasure vessels to large commercial freighter