Endeavour Marine can offer all boat owners the reassurance of Volvo Penta quality equipment and standards even if they don’t have the benefit of Volvo Penta power. The wide range of accessories covers highly functional marine products to improve your boat and make life on board safe and more relaxing.

Boat trim system

Volvo Penta’s revolutionary boat trim system offers high levels of performance for vessels up to 50 feet in length. Volvo Penta’s unique design is corrosion free to ensure low maintenance and it offers easy installation.

Oil sorbents

Keep your boat safe and clean! QL Absorbents are developed specifically to absorb oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid, not water. The QL absorbents will attract any possible oil spills but repel water. They will float even when soaked with oil.

Rubber stuffing box

The Volvo Penta rubber stuffing box is a simple and well proven product for sealing and lubricating in many shaft installations.

Neutra salt engine flushing system

The Neutra salt engine flushing system offers an effective and simple solution to combat internal corrosion and help extend the life of your engine.

Sound absorbent panels

QL sound absorbent panels offer excellent isolation and absorbing properties. Made from recycled foam, they are fire resistant and covered with an oil resistant foil that is easily cleaned.