Characterized by their high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emission levels, Volvo Penta diesel engines for off-road applications are built to be versatile. With low weight, compact designs, easy installation and optional equipment packages, these are perfect for construction, agriculture, material handling and stationary engine applications.



Volvo Penta is a premium supplier for engines for the agricultural industry, offering wide range of fuel efficient stationary and off road engines . We continuously work towards sustainable solutions and provide both OEMs and operators with state-of-the-art engines and technology based on over 100 years of engineering experience. Our engines power agricultural applications all over the world – contributing to the overall productivity of the operations through excellent performance and fuel efficiency.



Long hours underground. Hours upon hours of demanding use. This is where Volvo Penta engines can make a difference. Based on our more than 100 years of experience in engineering, our engine range will help mining operators maximize uptime through the help of durable, robust, safe and fuel-efficient engines supplemented with fast and reliable service and support.


Volvo Penta’s optional heavy-duty package will help you increase engine uptime when working in demanding environments. External forces, vibration and dust can put a strain on the engines used in construction equipment. The heavy-duty package comes with a cooling system, wiring harness and air filter specifically designed to withstand harsh, strenuous and dusty conditions.


Improving underground conditions requires advanced engine technology in addition to optimized ventilation rates. But proper ventilation of an underground mine is energy-consuming – and expensive. At the industry’s forefront for low emissions, Volvo Penta engines can help operators decrease ventilation rates and improve overall air quality in the mine, leading to cleaner air – and lowered costs.


The demanding environments and specific needs of forestry workers are more than adequately met by the Volvo Penta range of industrial engines. No matter your application needs, there will be a durable and powerful engine to match. With Volvo Penta’s more than 100 years of engineering experience, you can trust our engines to supply your operation with sustainable solutions that excel in fuel-efficiency and reliability, maximizing your uptime and productivity.


POWER TO MOVE THE WORLD Choosing a Volvo Penta engine for your material handling operation is an excellent way to maximize uptime and overall efficiency. Our powerful engines perform reliably day in, day out and will supply your operation with world-class fuel efficiency, with global service and support to match.