As a result of increasing demand from the performance boating community, the innovative Mercury Racing Integrated Transom System (ITS) is now available as an accessory item for repower or upgrades. Available for Bravo One XRBravo One XR Sport Master and Bravo Three XR drives, the ITS fits any existing Bravo One transom (cut-out and bolt pattern).

First introduced in 2001 and previously available only on select Mercury Racing sterndrive engine packages, the ITS enhances drive height flexibility while making the transom more aesthetically pleasing and simplifying installation. The ITS features integral power steering cylinders as well as performance upgrades to Bravo One XR and Bravo Three XR drive housings.

The gimbal bracket assembly has been strengthened with addendum ears for the attachment of the integral steering cylinders. Trim and steering cylinders, multi-mounted to the gimbal ring, transfer stress loads back to transom, increasing strength and durability. A built-in, seven-inch setback improves boat running attitude in selected applications. Performance upgrades to the Bravo XR drives include a new upper drive housing cover and rear drive cap with built-in, tie-bar attachment. The new finned drive cover aids in drive cooling while the tie-bar attachment fixture, built into the new rear drive cap, eases installation of a tie-bar for multi-engine boats by eliminating the need to change drive caps. Multi-attaching points of the upper and rear drive caps enhances the strength and durability of the tie-bar attachment fixture as well.

The ITS is also as an option on the MerCruiser 496 HO and select Mercury Racing 525 EFI565, and 600 SCi sterndrive engine packages.


  • Integral hydraulic twin-ram power steering.
  • Built-in 7" setback.
  • Lengthened heavy-duty XR drive input shaft.
  • Trim and steering rams, multi-mounted to the gimbal ring, transfer load back to transom.
  • Built-in electronic trim & tilt with digital sender.
  • Rear drive cap features built-in tie-bar attachment.
  • Designed for Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR Sport Master, Bravo One XR Short Sport Master and Bravo Three XR drives.
  • Available with MerCruiser 496 HO and as an accessory.